We believe that everything comes back to worship. As humans, we are constantly worshipping something. However, as people who were created to worship God, we are only fulfilled and at peace when our entire life is built around worshiping Him. Therefore, worship music plays a big part in our services.

We find it's easier to express our worship to God through singing, much like the Psalmists did in the Bible. Our services usually have a full band and several vocalists, and we try to keep a good mix between modern worship songs and the occasional classic hymns. We would never ask anybody to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, but many people express themselves during worship by standing, singing along and lifting their hands to God as a sign of surrender to Him.

Many people ask about the songs we sing during our services. Below and to the right, you'll find links to worship albums and songs that we routinely draw from because we feel they have a powerful anointing, whether sung corporately or listened to quietly by yourself.

If you are interested in joining our team, click here. Also, if you want to share a story about how worship has impacted you personally, we'd love to hear it!


Kevin & Wendy
Worship Pastors

Summit Staff Picks

Bethel Worship
Have it All

(click to purchase from Amazon)

Chris McClarney
Everything and Nothing Less

(click to purchase from Amazon)

Elevation Worship
Here As In Heaven

(click to purchase from Amazon)

Jesus Culture
Let it Echo

(click to purchase from Amazon)

Vertical Church
Church Songs

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Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
On the Shores

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