Here at Summit, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe that when God's people come together and earnestly cry out to Him, He hears and answers, according to His will. We have a dedicated team of prayer warriors who keep your prayer concerns confidential as they pray and intercede on your behalf.

If you have a prayer need, you can either fill out the form below or send an email directly to

How can you pray for us?

Camp Summit

  • Growth spiritually
  • Protection for the children
  • Open hearts to the Lord
  • Outreach ministry
  • Signs & wonders in and through the kids
  • For each child to develop a daily devotional time
  • Quality workers to answer the call
  • To experience the presence of God

Summit Church Family

  • Unity & Love
  • Spirit of Faith
  • Enthusiasm
  • Blessings
  • Hear the Holy Spirit
  • Obey the Holy Spirit
  • Speak words of life over Climb Campaign

Vertical Youth

  • Passionate Mentors
  • Hunger for God
  • Lives are proof that Jesus is real
  • Presence of God experienced at youth services
  • Godly friendships
  • Protection - physical, spiritual and emotional
  • Open doors in public school/divine appointments
  • Develop a youth worship team
  • Engaging, Spirit-led worship experiences
  • Miracles and healings

Summit Leadership Team

  • All Staff (Hal & Lisa Boehm, Jeremiah & Becky Wentz, Randy & Renee Ellis, Chad & Debbie Ware)
  • All Leaders (Jim & Elaine Douglas, Ron & Jan Phillips and Tim & Brenda Hornick)
  • Wisdom and discernment
  • Unity
  • Protection
  • Health
  • Families

Worship Team

  • Increasingly anointed worship services
  • To create an atmosphere for the teaching of the Word
  • Increased hunger for worship among the congregation
  • For God to shine through the team in creative ways
  • That rehearsals would not be routine, but would promote growth, unity and fruitfulness
  • Spirit-led song selections
  • More talented and anointed musicians and vocalists
  • That we would present less of ourselves and more of Him
  • To create an environment for God to reveal His awesome power, heal the sick, lift up the lowly, restore the broken, comfort the hurting and bless His church

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